Leadership as a Concept

Leadership as a Concept. ‘Every action we take is the result of the way we communicate to ourselves’ If you want something then go ahead, be desperate, let every cell of your body crave for it and then take action, take enormous and immediate action; and you’d realize that you’ve created your own destiny.  The…

The Art of Producing

There are all sorts of producer in the media. There are producers who finance a project, some help in executing and taking policy decisions and some manage and co-ordinate things on the ground zero. Today let us take a look into the life of a Visual Effects Producer. A VFX producer is a key person…

A guided tour of the magnificent Ramoji Film City (RFC)

A guided tour of the magnificent Ramoji Film City (RFC) in Hyderabad conducted for the students of PDPU in Gandhinagar attending a 1-Week-Long Workshop on Digital Filmmaking at Ramoji Krian University (RKU) within the RFC Campus. #pdpu_rku

Session with Vivek Vaswani at RKU

Noted film personality Vivek Vaswani delivering a lecture on the art and craft of cinema for the students of PDPU, Gandhinagar at Ramoji Krian Universe at the picturesque Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad. #pdpu_rku more updates