The Art of Producing

photoThere are all sorts of producer in the media. There are producers who finance a project, some help in executing and taking policy decisions and some manage and co-ordinate things on the ground zero. Today let us take a look into the life of a Visual Effects Producer. A VFX producer is a key person for any VFX unit .It is this person who receives inputs from the client and the creative teams, budgets a show, schedules artists and delivery timelines. Above all, a producer is the bridge that holds the client, the creative supervisor and the artist teams together.

Shotgun – Production Management Software

Producing, a show be of any kind – film, TV, ad is an art. It requires quick thinking, analysis, decision making and above all team work. Merely learning a software is not enough. A good producer must be a people’s person. Often in this line of work, you need to push yourself beyond the normal working norms. When artists teams sit through night after night delivering shots, they do so on one part for the leader of the pack i.e: The creative supervisor and the producer. In this seamless world where time has shortened drastically, a producer must be very high on soft skills so that teams are happy working with the producer and willing to stretch their limits if the situation requires. Learning to work on Shotgun, Excel, ability to communicate professionally, knowledge of the creative and technical aspects of the films always comes in handy. A producer who is strong on the technical front usually finds it easy to maneuver his/ her way in the production environment. As such a holistic knowledge of the film pipeline is important. A good starting point to be a producer is to study films so that the foundation stone is there when a person joins the work force. To do that, it is highly recommended to get a good education at a professional university like RKU.

Neha Hooda, Head of Department, Centre for Post Production Skills


Not only a formal education in films gives strength to ones’ CV, but it also introduces an individual to various possibilities of the profession. More so, even media is increasingly getting organised. This makes it important to get formal education to fit well in the corporate structures. The post production course at RKU, introduces students to creative, technical and production aspects of working in a film. This course gives an opportunity to the students to hone their soft skills as well which is key but not a key point of most film schools. Soft skills have increasingly become important especially in an environment of international work culture. A good producer must know how to stand up for the team, stay strong under pressure and still deliver as per the client requirements while keeping the budgets in check.

The author of the article is a VFX producer and has worked on International and National feature films.



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